My name is Matthieu Laneuville, currently Assistant Professor at the Earth-Life Science Institute, from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

My focus is the long term evolution of terrestrial bodies: Mercury’s contraction history, the asymmetric evolution of our Moon, the deep Earth interior are example of my projects. I am particularly interested in developing a general understanding of the possible phase space of planetary evolution to answer questions such as “What would Earth look like today if life were not present?”, or “How would Venus have evolved if formed at 1 AU instead of its current location?”.

Within ELSI I have recently started to work on global thermodynamics and chemical evolution of the Earth, specifically trying to assess the importance of the biosphere. When considering the evolution of the Earth from its complete reaction network, life is a process that changes its topology. We are working on understanding what these changes are and how they influence the general flows of energy and matter on the Earth.

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